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2019 VW Amarok Review, Price

2019 VW Amarok - front
Posted: September 13, 2017 at 12:12 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Volkswagen is a newcomer in the pickup truck market. However, more than six years have passed since the first appearance of Amarok, and in the meantime imposed itself as a distinct segment leader. With the last renovation, it became, if desired, more prestigious and luxurious. After perfectly matched amongst the established qualities of this segment, becoming one of the most distinguished, Amarok showed that he successfully changed the usual standards in the class. The new 2019 VW Amarok we present is a working machine, a trailer and a fairly luxurious vehicle that you can in the field but also in the opera.

Technically, Amarok is a commercial vehicle, it is found in commercial vehicles. Although at first glance it does not look the case, Amarok has changed. And quite a bit. Obviously, the shape itself and the design are almost the same. But technically Amarok has been modified enough to be a second generation rather than a redesigned first version.

2019 VW Amarok - front

2019 VW Amarok – Appearance of Exterior and Interior

In practice, the greatest shift is made in terms of comfort. Compared to the previous version, Amarok is almost unrecognizable in driving. A comfortable and pronounced soft suspension has kept the same concept, but is now perfectly tuned. There are still leaf springs back because this is still a freight car. But this time they are in the 2 + 1 configuration, and excellent levels of refinement have been achieved. Even large unevenness in off-road driving, the suspension absorbs with ease, while retaining a high level of control and manageability. This is especially praiseworthy because it works in spite of large wheels, with a 19-inch diameter rim.

2019 VW Amarok is better on the asphalt, thanks to the length of over 5.3 meters remains neutral and secure through long and quick turns, while on a curved road to the expressiveness comes an excellent permanent drive on all wheels and a sufficiently direct steering wheel. Clearly, the Amarok natural habitat is still a terrain ride where its robustness is dominated by this powerful engine. But also the 4Motion constant drive with a Torsen differential and a fixed ratio of 40:60 power transmission to the benefit of the rear axle. Clearly, this drive reveals that Amarok is a real hardcore terrain. It’s no wonder that we just could not get stuck in the snow.

2019 VW Amarok can pull a trailer of mass up to 3.2 tons. The factory space of a surface of more than two and a half square meters is flexible for all purposes, with the possibility of ordering various types of upgrades and protective linings. On the roof of the cabin, with the third stop-light there is a very strong LED backlighting of the load compartment.


The cabin itself is designed in a typical VW style. Aesthetics is reduced, without too much detail, but must be acknowledged to be rather elegant, although it is a transport terrain. The quality of finishing is traditionally high, and there are plenty of large barriers for storing small items. If you need to carry something from the things in the cabin, you have the option of lifting the lower part of the back seats to a vertical position. So that it frees up quite a solid factory space and in the interior.

The tested specimen is equipped with accessories that are necessary for comfortable. Also, safe driving, such as GPS, Bluetooth connectivity for mobile and front seat heaters with windshield washer nozzles. Since this is a freight vehicle, the side and front passenger airbag are charged.

2019 VW Amarok - interior

2019 VW Amarok – Modifications in the Engine

The new 2019 VW Amarok now comes exclusively with a powerful and modern 3.0-liter V6 TDI engine. But again manages to offer a fairly varied selection. The weakest has already 163 hp, and in the middle of the offer is the 204 hp. The new model also has a version with rich Highline equipment, an 8-speed automatic transmission, a permanent 4Motion all-wheel drive and the most powerful V6 engine of 224 hp and 550 Nm of torque. It seems that Volkswagen is really serious with the premium that binds the new 2019 Amarok.

2019 VW Amarok - rear

2019 VW Amarok – When can it be seen on the road?

The new 2019 VW Amarok will be shown to the audience in 2018. The price of the mode is still unknown.